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is the ultimate resource for the backpacker and independent traveller. We are dedicated to providing budget travellers with backpacking tips and advice, travel guides and useful information, to guide them in their adventure into the unknown.

There is nothing better than packing your backpack and taking on the world. The different cultures, experiences and the people that you meet, can change your life forever.

"The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only a page" — Saint Augustine


Before You Go
Basic research is done before going on your trip. To plunge blindly without having at least... More
Some countries require constant air travel due to their sheer size, while others would require some... More
Where to Go
Backpackers can be found all over the world. The modern traveller bent on pursuing a goal or dream can... More
Keeping Safe
Although backing through Europe will be full of adventure, the same activity may be wracked with... More

How to Find Cheap Tickets
You can take advantage of discounts that some airlines give during the peak season. Usually, these are... More
Backpacker Scams
A higher level of cautiousness is necessary when you’re a tourist trying to make it to the next hostel... More
Keeping Healthy
Before you take off to Europe for that much awaited backpacking adventure, make sure that you’re ready... More
Partying in Europe
Despite projecting a relatively reserved image to the world, Europe actually knows how to party... More
Women - What you Need to Know
Some women have an easier time leaving some of their clothes back home than leaving their... More
The Perfect Itinerary
The adventurous allure of backpacking more often than not excites greenhorn travellers to just... More

Travel Insurance for Backpackers
Unfortunately, backpacking’s greatest allure (travelling on a budget) is also its greatest risk. Getting sick, meeting an accident or losing property while you are trekking through Europe can put a damper on your otherwise wonderful vacation. Having to travel off the beaten track also makes you more exposed to certain risks like crime.

In order to make sure that you have everything covered when you travel and that the risk you expose yourself to is minimized, it is a good idea to purchase a backpacker travel insurance policy before you leave for your trip. Read more on backpacker travel insurance


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